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Downrigger Weights

Fishing is not just a fun and exciting activity, it can also be a good hobby to start at an early age.


Every catch is guaranteed to be inspiring and rewarding, especially when you hit the jackpot; your biggest catch from your fishing history.


To hit the jackpot, fishing enthusiasts use downriggers that are designed specially for catching large fishes like salmon and tuna. 


How do downriggers work? Since large fish do not stay on the ocean surface, you have to play by their rules. You have to bring your bait to the depth were these fishes can be found. This is exactly what the downrigger is designed for.

The line from your fishing rod will be connected to the downriggers release pin, so as to give you freedom with your catch. To lower the metal wire or cable of the downrigger, a downrigger weight is needed. 

  downrigger weights

 downrigger weight

  downrigger weights

A downrigger weight is an essential component of the whole setup. Without downrigger weights, it would be impossible to lower the cable to a desired depth and reach your target. With the weight attached to the end of the cable, lowering it is very smooth. Reaching the desired depth can be very easy with the spool that controls the release of the cable.


Downrigger weights come in a variety of forms, weights, and sizes. Most fishermen consider the choice of downrigger weights essential to the reward one can get when fishing. Some even brag that after changing the weight and design of their weights, they were able to earn good catches. The weights are made of metal; usually lead or cast iron. Since these sinkers are required to go deep under salty water, then they should be rust proof. 



Downrigger weights can go from four (4) lbs to as heavy as sixteen (16) lbs. Most weights available online are 4lbs, 6lbs, 8lbs, 10lbs, 12lbs, 14lbs, and 16lbs. However, the use of heavier weights such as 16lbs is only recommended when an electric powered downrigger is used. For manual units, lighter weights are recommended hence they are lighter to lift when done fishing. 


Aside from the difference in weight, downrigger weights come in various shapes and colors. There is the pancake, cannonball, torpedo, fish, and round shape with a fin. The choice of shape for downrigger weights is not an important factor when purchasing weights since any shape will still submerge. Many fishermen even purchase downrigger weight molds, then make their own downrigger weights.  


When it comes to the color, orange, nickel, green, red, white, and black are the most popular. Among these colors black is widely used, however, there is still no proof of having black as the most effective color of weights when fishing.



The most important factor when choosing downrigger weights is the weight of the component. The weight can dictate the depth that a cable can go and the speed one must take while trolling. Heavier weights are recommended when aiming for the maximum depth while lighter ones can be used for minimal depth. Using a 10lbs weight can create a good angle between the boat and the trailing cable. Weights also provide stability of the bait which is very important when fishing. 


In addition to that, some weights are made for specific type of water. Lighter weights specifically 4lbs to 8lbs are ideal for use when fishing in fresh waters while 10lbs or heavier are suitable for use in saltwater. Using 4lbs for maximum depth may not produce good results though. 


When purchasing downrigger weights online, the only thing to consider is the weight of the item. You may choose to try different weights for your downrigger in order to determine which one fits your fishing needs. Also, these items are a bit heavy so expect to pay more for shipping. 


 downrigger weight

 weights for downrigger

 weight for downrigger